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  • 金木棉集团保安公司Commentary: Openness, cooperation, multilateralism get a boost at G20 Osaka summit

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    The right actions of G20 members will chart the course for the global economy, boost market confidence and bring hope to people around the world.

    The global economy has once again come to a crossroad. The instability and uncertainty facing the global economy today are mainly attributable to trade tensions, largely caused by unilateralism, protectionism and bullying.

    It also demonstrates China's will and ability to continue playing a constructive role as a responsible major country.

    All these are in line with the spirit of openness, cooperation and multilateralism.

    Speaking at the summit on Friday, Chinese President Xi Jinping called on the G20 members to open wider and cooperate better to guide globalization towards the right direction.

    The entrance of the media center of the 14th Group of 20 (G20) summit in Osaka, Japan. (Xinhua/Wang Jingqiang)

    Xi on Friday announced that China will further open up its market, proactively expand imports, continuously improve its business environment for foreign enterprises, and press ahead with various trade agreement negotiations.

    The International Monetary Fund and the WTO have recently expressed concerns over the global economic outlook, citing restrictive measures imposed by the G20 members as well as the trade tensions among them.

    Other G20 members should also shoulder their responsibilities to send a strong signal against unilateralism, protectionism and bullying.

    Xi also voiced support for the multilateral trading system, saying that necessary reforms of the World Trade Organization (WTO) should lead to safeguarding free trade and multilateralism.

    China backs up its call with concrete measures.

    As a victim of trade-restrictive measures, China continues to champion free trade and upholds the rule-based multilateral trading system. This is a voice of justice and has injected positive energy to the world.